The moment has come to reunite all the forces that are willing to fully carry out our Constitution and, therefore, the moment has come for the construction of a democratic popular front. It is the right historical time to achieve the formation of a wide field, without the predetermined political borders, without the traditional fences. This is not a fourth party, we are not trying to restore the collage of pictures which have already been seen and that have already been defeated. Entry to this place is only forbidden to the mafia, the corrupted and the corrupters, the fascists and the racists. For the rest, it is forbidden to forbid.
This is an inclusive place full of political passion and not a hodgepodge of politics. It is a field of action where those who have not betrayed our Republic during this dark time can gather and connect with each other. To move from the night to the sunrise of democracy we must be allies and join with those who defend and implement the Constitution, especially from below. People who fight for their rights everyday, people who fight to defend their territories from environmental destruction and harmful public works, which resist against criminal organizations and against State mafias.
Grassroots organizations, associations, committees, movements, political activists, mayors, administrators, those elected by the people who try everyday, paying the price of all forms of violence, from physical to institutional, to remove the obstacles that prevent the realization of equality and justice. The first line of this great popular civic coalition must be made by all of those who, with thought and above all with action, have proven to be against the system, against liberalist policies, against oligarchies, against corruption and the mafias, against the destruction of common goods. Revolution in our country means the breach with the system and to be reliable and able to govern. This is needed for the workers as well as the unemployed, the students and the entrepreneurs. This scares the predators, the elites, the mafia. The revolution takes place in the squares, in the rallies, on social networks, but then the revolutionary function of law is necessary when you govern with competence and courage. The revolutionaries in chatter and traitors are sap for the system. Law is not only and not so much needed to sanction, but to implement the first rights, those written in the Constitution. Law is necessary to ensure public water; law is needed to prevent the evacuation of the liberated places and to give legal status to the places of self-government; law must not punish the weak, guilty of being poor, this would make of it mere legality and not justice. Law is needed to give rights to those who have no rights. Law together with the “other” economy has a serving function for the emancipation of peoples. Law is the most powerful instrument of social transformation if interpreted in a constitutionally oriented way and if it connects with the popular masses.
We must therefore build the moral, social, legal, economic and political alternative. It is within our reach, before it is too late. It is the alternative of a new Humanism. For a cohesive and united country in the valorization of differences and autonomies without territorial discrimination. For an Italy that aims at the development of the human person in full respect of nature. For a Europe of rights and peoples, to stop the Europe of fascisms, selfishness, walls and barbed wires, to change the Europe of oligarchies and technocracies too. Building an exciting and energetic popular front in which solidarity and brotherhood are the indissoluble factors of the communities, in which in order to be happy we must defeat the oppressors and not hunt down the oppressed. In many places we resist and create laboratories in which we oppose the system. But the time has really come to get together. Naples is, for example, a great stronghold of resistance and resilience, where we opposed the system by building an alternative from below, but today we feel the need to go beyond the boundaries of a city without borders and counterattack and, to do it, we must unite our struggles. To be all more united and strong. To organize a solid coalition that has its foundations in the defense and implementation of the Constitution we must be honest, autonomous, free, courageous, in love, visionary, a little crazy, enough to be willing to fight a system that has prevented the full implementation of the Constitution for 70 years.
We are unbeatable because we do not have a price and we are not for sale. The alternative is possible, we have shown it in Naples, one of the most difficult cities in the world to be governed and we have done it without money by implementing the cultural revolution and human capital that, today, also produces economy and labor free from the control of the political/business system.
Our alternative is to live in a society free from unbearable inequalities, without mafia and rampant corruption, where the priority is the safety of our beautiful country and its inhabitants, by not putting them against one another and by not destroying our land, but to restart from our cultural power and our ability to build a better world. For the civilization of love against the communities of hatred and rancor. With our will we can get where today seems impossible. To build a coalition ready for any challenge to achieve freedom, equality, solidarity and justice.

We are waiting for you on December 1st in Rome, at 10 am, at the Teatro Italia (via Bari, Rome). From here we start together on a long journey to consolidate the resistance and to organize our counterattack.
United for Rights, for Justice, for the Constitution, for the People.

Luigi de Magistris

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